Filtration Equipment



Filtration manifolds 10 x 20 mL or 5 x 100 mL

Handmade filtration manifolds for vacuum filtration of up to 10 or 5 samples on 25 mm filters.


The chimneys made of acid resistant stainless steel hold the filters. Each chimney has a capacity of 20 mL or 100 mL. The chimney base is made of Teflon (PTFE) and stainless steel. By placing the chimneys in a freezer chilled filtration (e.g. TCA) can be carried out. The top and bottom of the manifold and the cylinder collecting filtrates are made of PVC.

A two-way Teflon tap for each chimney permits opening and closing of vacuum for separate samples during filtration. The manifold is supplied with a holder for independent collection of filtrates in 20 mL vials or in 100 mL blue cap bottles. A detachable pipe in the cylinder makes draining of filtrate possible through a pipe stub on the side.

The possibility of independent control of 10 or 5 simultaneous filtrations and the fact that the manifold can rotate makes it well-suited for working with several samples at one time.









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