DHI Mixed Pigments

Mixtures of phytoplankton pigments useful for QA/QC of pigment analyses

DHI mixed pigments are suitable for: 

  •  Controlling how well your HPLC elutes and separates the pigments
  •  Identifying the different pigments by the relative retention times and the absorption properties
  •  Controlling the precision by repeated injections 
  •  Recording the separation of the critical pairs
  •  Controlling the accuracy over time to validate the calibration and your method

Please note that the mixed pigments cannot be used for calibration as the concentration of the individual pigments in the mixture is unknown. 

Choose between two types of mixed pigments in vials with two different concentrations:

  • PPS-MIX-1: especially suitable when analyzing common pigments in phytoplankton samples. The chlorophyll a concentration is 3-5 μg/mL
  • PPS-MIX-2: especially suitable when analyzing samples with pigment concentrations near the detection limit. The chlorophyll a concentration is 0.1-0.2 μg/mL

The mixed pigments are ready-to-use, dissolved in 1 mL 90% acetone in HPLC vials with a nitrogen atmosphere for daily check of your HPLC performance.

Stored frozen, below -20 oC in the sealed vials, the mixed pigment solution is stable for two years. The vials should, however, be used immediately after breaking the seal.

The minimum quantity sold (when not buying pigment standards) is 5 vials.

Both mixtures contain more than 20 pigments, which are important when monitoring natural phytoplankton. They can help you create your own pigment library in the HPLC software, and to identify the pigments in your samples based on the relative retention times, elution order, and the absorption maxima.

Repeated injections can be used to check the method precision and accuracy as part of the method validation. Both types of mixtures are delivered with a Certificate-of-Analysis.

Find more information on DHI Mixed Pigments here   

Find more information on DHI Pigment Standards which can be used for calibration at Phytoplankton Pigment Standards

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